Friday, September 2, 2011


Hye, everyone. There's an important announcement here. I will be closing my Wardrobe for 2 months; coz i'll continuing my study which will start soon. So sorry to say that i'll accept no orders in those 2 months.

But there is exception, STILL, i'll accept orders if u want to order the drama that i'll update soon. As i'm going to campus, so i'm not taking all my data/dramas with me. Only certain dramas can be ordered, and of course its the latest and new drama. I'LL UPDATE THEM SOON. Right now, so busy packing my things.

BUT TO REMIND, the RM35 PROMOTION is now OFFICIALLY CLOSED!!! So, the price is back to normal. RM4 for 1DVD, 3DVD = RM10. But, stay tuned after 2 months, i'll get back to u with FULL LISTS DRAMA and more promotions!!

NOTE: U may order once i announce/update new dramas on my blog . TQ... Love u all!!

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Anonymous said...

masih buat lagi x??